Scully Travel Group LLC


Today’s Ocean Cruises are out of this world!  Ships that hold up to 5490 Double Occupancy and Maximum Capacity is 6780-WOW.

For many this is a dream ship come true.  These ships are spectacular and offer anything and everything,

Currently there are 9 ships with Double Occupancy of 4100 and more. 

Let us help you capture the perfect memory onboard. Every ship has its own feeling, personality and style – think about some of the questions below and we will make sure you are matched correctly to have a Mega Cruise Experience.

  • Busy double income parents (or single busy parent) who want to take your family on the most spectacular vacation on a mega ship, but which one?
  • Group of friends who have been reading, googling or watching ads about these amazing ships and want to try one, but which one is right for your group of friends?
  • College or High School vacation coming up? Can you even go away without parents or what is the minimum age you all can travel?
  • Single friends who want to cruise on a mega ship and do NOT want to go when the college and high schools are all on the ships.
  • Which one has the Climbing wall?
  • Or the Wave Rider?
  • Who has the Ice Bar?
  • Which ships offer Special VIP top of Ship Lounges or Concierge Floors?
  • Adult only pools which line or ships are they on?
  • So what ship is the best ship for you? 
  • Or not into Mega Cruises at all we have the prefect cruise just for you!

Your time is too valuable to search through all those questions, especially with all the new ships being built.  Currently 49 ships over 100 +GT under construction now.

The SCULLY TRAVEL CONCIERGE TEAM is here for  you - they are Ocean Cruise Ship experts.

They have sailed or toured many OCEAN SHIPS and will be able to provide you with the best fit for your desires and budget.

As part of the Elite Ensemble Group we also have access to upgrades, amenities and offers that are never found on websites.