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You all have a special “affinity” a common like or cause.  This can be the Knights of Columbus, Kiwanis or a wine tasting club.  Maybe it’s your cycling group or, the Golf Club, Skiing, birding or the monthly book club, to name a few.

Has your book club wanted to immerse itself in the country's beauty the book described? Talked about sailing on one of the European Rivers or possibly visit Ireland or maybe the far East from one of the books you are reading or read?

Your wine tasting club dreamed of visiting the valleys of Provence, tasting wines where grapes having been growing since 600 BC? Imagine sitting on wine crates sipping fruity reds, trying unique rosés?

Your ski club daydreaming of skiing the black diamonds in the the Alps or the cycle club roaring down lush hills of Tuscany or Cinque Terre?

Whatever your Affinity, the Kiwanis or the Knights of Columbus it all about bonding over experiences and creating lasting memories that Scully Travel can provide for you. 

Our Travel Concierges are committed to finding you the most authentic travel dream. They will work with you to deliver an authentic experience that will please everyone in your group.  Everyone returns with a sense of fulfillment, enjoyment and a deeper commitment to your organization or affinity.


Contact a Scully Travel Concierge Expert now so we can show you how to begin your collection of “affinity” experiences!