Scully Travel Group LLC

Scully Travel Group LLC


Scully Travel opened up in January of 1988 in Totowa New Jersey.   Dan Scully and his father Bill Scully started the agency having no travel agency background or experience.   Dan had owned and operated a substantial house painting contracting business while in Seton Hall University and several years after.  Bill had a widespread and successful career in Sales ranging from such companies as IBM, Motorola, ITT and Access.

The travel agency interest came from Dan’s mother, Bill’s wife Dolores.  Dolores Scully was a full time teacher who had a part time job at a local small agency in Totowa.  Her job enabled the family to travel possibly more than otherwise.  Therefore Dan and Bill liked the idea of working together and traveling the world.

In the early 1990’s, with a small learning curve, Scully Travel began to grow extensively in both the leisure and corporate markets with their one office in Totowa.

In 1996, Bill Scully sadly passed away.   This prompted Dan Scully to expand the company.

By the year 2001 Scully Travel grew to 5 locations with the original in Totowa, another in Parsippany, Millburn, Sparta and Highpoint NC.   Scully Travel Sales were now in excess of $8 Million per year.

After a difficult couple of years following 9/11, Scully Travel began to grow again.   By 2006 Scully Travel had acquired more than 14 agencies and sales were in excess of 14 million.

In the later part of 2006, Bob Scully, Dan’s brother, joined Scully Travel as a part owner.   After 25 years of a very successful career as the VP of sales for Ricoh and AOE, Scully travel was fortunate enough to have his management and sales expertise join the company.

For the next few years Scully Travel continued to grow through both sales and acquisitions.  Soon after Scully had 7 locations and was selling about 18 million per year.

In 2010 the online presence and competition with such giants as Expedia and Travelocity, the travel agency industry was in decline.

Scully Travel saw the opportunity to reinvent the business model and become a mostly virtual agency with their experienced agents welcome to work at home or at the main office in Sparta, NJ.

At this time Scully Travel has 25 extremely experienced travel concierges in various states such as NJ, PA, NC, South Carolina and Florida.   Many of these TC’s are ex owners of their own agency with diverse knowledge, experience, and connections in the industry.

Today in 2017 Scully Travel Group LLC is a very profitable, thriving and growing business.

We are always “here for you”  our valued client.