Scully Travel Group LLC


Customer Loyalty Cruises


If you are a wine bar, specialty club or business that has a following and would love to increase your VIP list or customer base here is a unique opportunity.

HOST a group cruise.  Here is the  perfect option for businesses that are looking for a great way  to grow sales, customers and is different.

These group cruises differentiate you as a business all while increasing sales and customer satisfaction!


How it works

We work together and plan your cruise complimenting your business.

Invite guests to join you on this cruise, via mail, email, open house with cruise manager etc.

BENEFIT to you and your business

For each cabin booked, you would receive revenue share

Based on a minimum number of cabins booked you and a guest sail for free.

Your business will increase along with customer loyalty

A win for you and as you see this will become a yearly VIP event!